Bharatgas - Providing Customer Delight to over 30 million Homes!
LPG as a household cooking fuel was introduced by erstwhile Burmah Shell under the brand name “Burshane” in mid 1955.  The journey of LPG as a domestic fuel continued with Burmah Shell until the Government nationalized the Company Burmah Shell to become Bharat Petroleum.

“Bharatgas” from Bharat Petroleum has dominated the LP Gas market in India for over three decades. It was indeed a great challenge for Bharatgas to replace Burshane as a brand name since “Burshane” had become a generic name in the country for LPG.  Bharat Petroleum's inspiration to meet every challenge drove them to work towards establishing Bharatgas as a dominant brand.
Market research helped in understanding the strength of the brand and out lining the way forward. One of the major changes was to create a Strategic Business Unit to deal with Bharatgas.  Soon programmes totally focused on meeting customers’ need were drawn up.

A pioneer in more ways than one, Bharatgas has brought many innovative offerings to the customers’.

The Corporation was quick to realize the need to look at the needs of the ‘Urban’ and the ‘Rural’ customer differently. 
Over the years, the urban Market reach was very large, the customer more sensitive.  Whereas, it was a herculean task to reach the rural consumers primarily due to inhabitation being spread over very far flung areas unlike the congested urban areas, thereby creating a logistic challenge.  Having understood the needs of the two different segments, Bharatgas undertook various initiatives.
Customer initiatives included launch of an exclusive website to provide convenience of booking Bharatgas ‘On Line’ to customers. The website also provides a feed back system enabling the consumers to directly speak to the Organisation.  Other methods of booking through IVR systems and drop boxes placed at busy locations in town were also introduced. Booking of Bharatgas is also made available through SMS facility.
Areas are serviced by the Bharatgas Rural Marketing Vehicles (RMV), comprising of tank truck and the mobile filling unit.  These RMVs service rural areas, where the traditional distributorship network was not present.  The RMVs instill great customer confidence as they can see their cylinders being filled in their presence and checked for safety. 

The promise of reaching a sound cylinder with the right Q&Q is indeed fulfilled! 

Rural marketing having gathered momentum in India had many MNCs set up rural infrastructure to reach their own product.  ITC’s e-choupal initiatives and the DCM group’s Hariyali Kisan Bazar, are such initiatives.   Bharatgas has leveraged the opportunity to utilize their infrastructure to reach LPG to deep interior rural areas. 
Customers too have been our focus. Bharatgas has demonstrated the various applications of the wonder fuel LPG for innovative uses in various Industries.

Bharatgas has also introduced various pack sizes to suit the different types of customers.
Piped LPG
is another first from Bharatgas.
Well accepted by major Realty Developers, Bharatgas piped LPG system for multi-storied apartments and shopping malls is gaining popularity.

Value – Added Service
This was in recognition of the need to provide the housewife relief from mundane chores of household shopping for low involvement products; the “Beyond LPG” initiative was launched to provide value to the customers.

This involved the Organisation entering into corporate tie-ups with reputed brands and making available through the distributorship network FMCG as well as home appliances and kitchenware at attractive discounts - all home delivered to the consumers.


The initiative soon gathered momentum and became a successful business model providing value not only to the consumers but the network as well as the Partner Companies.  For Bharat Petroleum it was another successful business venture within 5 years with the involvement of over 25% of the distributors’ voluntarily participating in the business and setting up ‘Bharatgas Shoppes’ with attractive display of product creating a comfortable shopping environment – a far cry from the typical showroom of an LPG distributor.
Bharat Metal Cutting Gas (BMCG)
an innovative product is the result of continuous research. An efficient and cost effective substitute for Acetylene, it is indeed a revolutionary product for the cutting and brazing industry. 

The success of the product is not limited to the Indian shores but has traveled to countries in the middle-east as well as Africa.
Leveraging Technology
Harnessing technology has always been on the forefront for maximizing efficiency and achieving greater customer satisfaction.

An exclusive website providing the convenience of booking Bharatgas ‘On Line’ alongwith information about the product, its uses, safety and conservation tips as well as huge collection of recipes is a popular site for women. 
The website also provides a feed back system enabling the consumers to directly speak to the Organisation. Booking of Bharatgas has also been made available through SMS facility. 

At the back end, over a decade back the distribution network operation was completely computerized, streamlining operating practices and enhancing efficiency at the distributorship level along with a professional outlook.  Customer focus being a very core objective of the brand, Bharatgas constantly explores opportunities to relate to the customers.

Internally too, process the systems within the Organisation are continuously reviewed and improved to get the best output for the customers.  The state of the art 49 modern filling plants demonstrate the use of technology to provide the customers the best of products and services!  Bharatgas undertook an exercise for ‘Bench Marking’ the best practices, within Bharat Petroleum, the Oil Industry and global practices for adoption in the Organisation. This has certainly further improved the performance of the brand. 

Knowledge being a great strength with the employees, Bharatgas looked at the opportunities of providing consultancy services in developing nations for LPG project covering setting up of the facility as well as training.

Continuous communications with the network and employees is recognized as an important means to raise the bar. A bi-monthly publication ‘Bharatgas Times”- an e-magazine promotes sharing of best practices and encourages people towards healthy competition in business and in partnering social objective programmes, thus creating a better society and upgrading the levels of the individual, both in terms of thoughts and actions.
In house training and involvement in recognizing creative and innovative challenges is a major objective.  Bharatgas continuously supports innovative ideas by replicating the success story in one area to the rest of the areas.   Similarly, the network is continuously energized with recognition and rewards. 

Accolades and Awards have come to Bharatgas in good measure. Recognition for high Safety standards from Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD) has been accorded along with a large number of Bottling plants receiving various awards for environment and safety as well distributors receiving customer service awards from institutions.
Environment & Society
The brand just does not limit itself to product and services, it reaches out to belong and be part of the social fabric engaging in life giving and enhancing the quality of life of the less fortunate. 

Bharatgas employees as well as the network are engaged in various activities such as helping victims of the natural calamities or acts of insurgence and terrorism. 
Initiatives like health checkup camps, eye camps, blood donation drives, providing free spectacles as well as medicines for those who cannot afford is undertaken.  Greening initiatives, Global warming and other environmental issues to save the planet form part of the brand’s regular initiatives. 
Brand Values
Team Bharatgas believes that providing value added services to customers will be the ultimate differentiator in the market place.  Understanding customer behavior and tracking their aspirations hold the key to success! This conviction drives us to continuously innovate to provide offering that make a difference to the customers.  Customer convenience is at the core of every action.  

» Present in over 30 million homes.
» Facilities to book your re-fill cylinders on-line and through SMS.
FMCG and home appliances are available at attractive discounts from your Bharatgas distributors.
Bharat Metal Cutting Gas -a very cost effective efficient fuel for cutting and brazing operations, a product from Bharatgas.
» the only exclusive website for LPG consumers offering a host of information.
» 49 modern filling plants to bottle Bharatgas cylinders.